Accel Anesthesia is a practice management, business consulting and technology company focused solely on the Anesthesia specialty. Our mission is to maximize your bottom line. We analyze all facets of your business to help you increase your revenue and decrease costs. Not only can we evaluate the performance of your billing operation, but we can also help with issues related to governance, business decision-making, payer/hospital/employee contracting, regulatory compliance, marketing, customer service, and more. See our complete list of services below.

And our services are very affordable. Accel Anesthesia is committed to building mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with our customers. We want every interaction with Accel Anesthesia to be uplifting and positive regardless who you meet, so we ensure our entire staff has the skills and ability to deliver the highest level of service.

Generally the best place to start with us is with our risk-free, comprehensive audit. If you are not regularly auditing your billing company, you are very likely leaving money on the table. We help insure every dollar is collected and that payers are paying correctly. We audit your finances and billing to detect issues with fraud and embezzlement. By most estimates, more than 80% of medical practices will at some point suffer losses from embezzlement; no practice is immune from this risk.

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- HIPAA and Medicare compliance
- Coding and documentation review
- Charge capture analysis
- Payer contract compliance
- Provider enrollment and credentialing
- Managed care contracting
- Marketplace analysis of fees
- Fee schedule development

Human Resources

- Recruitment and retention of personnel
- Employee satisfaction
- Doctor / surgeon satisfaction
- Policies and Procedures development
- Retirement plan services

Other Back Office and Financial Services

- Training of new Practice Managers
- Embezzlement audits
- Cost containment reviews
- Accounts payable management
- Payroll processing
- Cash flow management
- Financial analysis and audits
- Financial statement preparation
- Income tax returns
- Analysis of insurance lines
- Malpractice Insurance

Business Development

- Establishing new practices
- Choosing a legal entity
- Fair market value calculations
- Group formations, mergers, acquisitions
- Assessment of practice alliances
- RFP development and management
- Transitioning to hospital employment

Productivity / Quality Care

- Staffing model assessments
- Productivity compensation model
- Productivity benchmarking
- Quality assurance programs


- Buy-in / buy-out
- Part A contracting, stipend analysis
- Hospital contract negotiations
- Employment contract negotiations


- Perioperative EMR
- Streamline OR workflow
- Maximize reimbursement
- Reduce billing expenses
- Electronic Anesthesia Record